Panda-Mania Tour


"We enjoyed the session alot. Highly recommended for families with kids! Super impressed!"

— Joey Tong, 2 May 2022

"Really enjoyed the experience :) Our tour guide, Sean is fab and our restaurant servers are very friendly and responsive."

— KT, 1 May 2022

"The tour and staff were fantastic. The food was amazing and the service was above expectations!"

— Shawn, 30 April 2022

"Overall the guide tour and services are great, definitely recommend others to try experience it at least once."

— Jason H, 24 March 2022

"Touring the River Wonders in a truly different wonderful perspective especially with a knowledgeable guide, Ms. Genevieve. Having to dine almost next to the pandas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

— Ho Che Fei, 29 January 2022

"Through the guided tour, my family, especially my young kids, (got to) learn more about pandas, including their diet and living environment. This sparked interest to research about them!"

— Kate, 13 February 2021

"I find this experience unique because I am able to dine with (the) panda in sight and observed the entire scene with little to no disturbance."

— Stefan, 7 February 2021

"Lunch with the panda was amazing!"

— Shu Yan, 7 February 2021

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