Discover Mandai Night Edition

As the sun sets, a mysterious side of Mandai awakens. Discover the elusive creatures of the night as they come out to play, through the eyes of local photographers!

Join us as we discover Mandai and watch it Come to Life!

About Mandai

Our new Masterbrand, Mandai, embodies our passion and commitment for a thriving, biodiverse planet. The new brand world is inspired by nature and the animals under our care, which continue to spark a sense of wonder among our guests. Our new tagline, ‘Come to life’, serves both as an invitation - to come closer to nature and experience the wonders of wildlife at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, and a call - to take action and protect the planet by making better choices every day.

About the Photographers

A creative photographer who strives to create unique content visuals, Aristelle isn’t afraid to explore a diverse style of photography, allowing her to clinch the Grand Prize Winner Title of Sony’s Alpha Creators 2.0 Photography Contest in 2019.


"The parks offer me a surreal experience with each visit – it allows me to unwind in the beauty of nature and the rare opportunity to document how the different animals interact within their ecosystems up close."

Concept Artist, Photographer and Filmmaker. Dan is heavily inspired by the fantasy world - the imaginary, the what ifs, and the what it could be. When he is not sketching away, he goes out exploring the wilderness to capture stories of the great outdoors. Encapsulating moments beautifully through visuals, colours and emotions.


"Mandai parks are a great starting ground that allows you to step into the wild world of animals. Here you get to learn more about these sentient beings that we share our planet earth with, in close proximity."

Qi Hao is a photographer and filmmaker based in Singapore, who is passionate about unfolding meaningful stories through still and moving visuals. His awe-inspiring works span a range of genres, such as travel, street and cityscape photography.


"I spent much of my childhood at the parks and have really appreciated its evolution over the years. I love documenting the parks at present and look forward to what the future holds."

Photographer. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Julian W. is a renowned photographer who has worked with both local and international organizations, including Animal Planet, Asian Geographic, Lonely Planet and many others.


‘‘Coming to Mandai means homecoming. I’ve had a special connection with nature and wildlife since a young age and the parks always have a special therapeutic effect on me."

 The Elusive Clouded Leopard – Dan

The clouded leopard shows off its stealth behind some foliage.

An Invitation in the Dark - Aristelle

The vibrant colours of the tram invites us to hop on and start our journey in Night Safari.

The King - Julian

A bright lens with a manageable shutter speed and high ISO settings allow me to handhold while shooting this shot from the tram. Sit on the right side of the tram to get this shot - The King is often at the front, overlooking his kingdom at the Night Safari.

In Awe - Dan

A Buffy fish owl showing off its silent flight over a star-struck crowd.

Fairies on the Bridge – Qi Hao

The bridge at Naracoorte Cave is adorned with warm lights, resembling fairies. This magical place is one of my favourite places in Night Safari - it makes for a great photo spot.

The Silent Flight Owl – Aristelle

The owl gently rotates its head 270 degrees - an amazing sight to behold up-close!

Welcome to Night Safari – Julian

It is always an exciting and intriguing adventure into the Night Safari. How about a commentary photo before starting the exploration? Tripod in place and my camera shutter on the silent setting, I used a relatively slow shutter speed in order to correctly expose the image, and to allow the ambient light to infuse the photo, creating an infusion of contrasting colours for this shot.

Dinner with the Hippos – Qi Hao

The hippos enjoy their meal as a tram drives by. Focused on their meal, the moment is captured with a long exposure shot, showing how still the hippos are even as the tram passes them. 


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