Africa boasts a diverse range of habitats, from tropical rainforests to harsh deserts. The animals found there have adapted accordingly in no end of amazing ways. As a result, the continent counts among its endemic species the tallest, the fastest and the largest creatures on land.

Latest Updates At The Zone

Simba is all grown up!
Our wee cub is looking more and more like a teen. Simba is slightly over a year old now and male lion cubs start showing hints of mane at this age. But it seems he’s still a mummy’s boy at heart!
Izara's First Day Out
Let's give a warm welcome to the first Grevy's zebra born at Singapore Zoo! She is being conditioned to join the rest of the herd at Wild Africa. Pop by and say hi soon!
Newest Members of Our Giraffe Family
Two young bachelors have joined our giraffe herd. It was a tall order but Adhil and Balaji arrived safely and are now part of the Singapore Zoo family. It’s all thanks to the great team work by their animal care teams!


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