Revered in Hinduism and Buddhism, elephants have profoundly influenced the Asian way of life since their domestication 4,000 years ago. Featuring Burmese-style architecture, this one-hectare exhibit showcases these largest of living land animals and their associated history and culture.

The Family

Komali (The Matriarch)
Rules over her herd with an ‘iron’ trunk, keeping the younger elephants in their place. Very protective of those who’ve earned her trust — elephants and humans alike.
Jati (BFF of the Matriarch)
Komali’s loyal sidekick, friend and protector. The bond between them is so strong that even if Komali moves a short distance away, Jati will start calling for her.
Gambir (Pampered and Pampering)
Orphaned at the age of two, Gambir was cared for by Anusha, late matriarch of the herd. In the same way, Gambir now dotes on Aprila, as she would her own daughter.
Intan (The feisty 'chilli padi')
Lone ranger, does not belong to any of the cliques in the herd. Stands her ground, even with Komali. Has a special soft spot for Aprila, her younger half-sister.
Aprila (Always gets her way)
Intan's unofficial boss/alpha sibling. Also has the backing of self-appointed mother figure, Gambir. Has a voracious appetite — ‘vacuums’ all leftovers.

Special Experiences


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