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New amphitheatre for Singapore's Night safari and a revamped Creatures of the Night animal presentation

29 Nov 2022
Night Safari unveiled a brand-new amphitheatre today, and with it, a refreshed version of Creatures of the Night, a crowd favourite. The 1,000-seat amphitheatre boasts 30 per cent more capacity, as well as enhanced stage features, in the biggest change to the presentation format since its launch in December 2003.

Special visual and sound effects and an LED wall for a more immersive and multi-sensory Creatures of the Night experience. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The transformation took over a year, and the amphitheatre is now in a new fully sheltered location near the park entrance, allowing presentations to go on in inclement weather. Multiple new tech elements such as an LED wall and the latest in surround sound and lighting have been introduced to elevate the storytelling and transport the audience into new environments. Inspired by natural landscapes, the stage is thoughtfully designed with water features and thematic trees to bring out the natural behaviours of the animals. The new space also features spacious back-of-house facilities that allow the programme animals to exhibit their diverse range of natural behaviours while they are not on stage, a key component in ensuring animal welfare and quality of life.

Gail Laule, Vice President of Animal Behaviour and Programmes, Mandai Wildlife Group said, “For almost two decades, Creatures of the Night has offered guests a rare look into the mysterious nocturnal animal kingdom. Our challenge for the new presentation was to create a new storyline and immersive experience for our guests and to feature the unique adaptations and super senses of some of the planet’s most amazing animals. We also wanted to highlight the threats these species face, foster empathy for their plight and motivate everyone to do their part to preserve and protect these very special animals.”

The renewed Creatures of the Night will include new animal species additions. An Indian Crested Porcupine and Raccoon Dog as well as Bearded Pigs will share the stage with existing wildlife ambassadors such as the Asian Small-clawed Otters, Malay Fish Owl, and Fennec Fox. Chan Poh Shan, Assistant Vice President of Animal Behaviour and Programmes, Mandai Wildlife Group said, “Animal presentations like this are important ways for us to educate guests about wildlife, the crucial role they play in the ecosystem and learn how everyone can do their part to help protect them. With the refreshed presentation narrative, we have introduced more animals that guests may not otherwise have the chance to see and shine the spotlight on the enigmatic wildlife that come out under the cover of darkness and their astounding natural abilities. Our preparations in the months leading up to this launch involved countless hours of getting the animals used to the new environment. We hope guests will walk away from Creatures of the Night with a newfound or deeper appreciation for nature.”

Before the visual feast of Creatures of the Night, visitors can enjoy two new exhibits which feature a rotation of different animal ambassadors along the walkway towards the amphitheatre. Here, guests can observe animals such as Fennec Foxes and Binturongs. The hefty Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, retired from previous iterations of Creatures of the Night, will also feature in the naturalistic habitats.

All animal presentations in Mandai Wildlife Group’s wildlife parks focus on highlighting the natural behaviours of animals. The animals are trained using positive reinforcement where they are rewarded with a treat when they complete the desired action. This ensures that all their behaviours are voluntary.

The Creatures of the Night at the new amphitheatre in Night Safari will be held daily at 7:30pm and 9:00pm. Guests are advised to reserve their seats online at https://www.mandai.com/en/book-presentation-seats.html#ns. Booking opens two hours prior to the presentation time.

Neither raccoon nor dog but a closer relative to the fox, the Raccoon Dog is amongst the new additions to the Creatures of the Night. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

The Indian Crested Porcupine is another new addition to Creatures of the Night. Catch the presentation to observe how they collapse their quills to squeeze into tree hollows. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

In its refreshed narrative, Creatures of the Night’s Senior Trainer Presenters Kenzi Wheatley (left) and Darren Sia (right) portray a budding ecologist and wildlife photographer on an adventure to discover Night Safari’s nocturnal animals. 

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Newly introduced to Creatures of the Night, Bearded Pigs demonstrate their keen sense of smell as they forage for food.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Crowd favourite Asian Small-clawed Otters, Bubbles (foreground) and Bailey (background), return in the refreshed presentation to demonstrate the dangers that marine debris poses to wildlife.  

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

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