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Wild About You represents how in everything we do, we do because of you!

More than 1.9 million of you visited our wildlife parks in 2020 but still, there’s much to be discovered. From native animals to familiar flavours, and new experiences that have been designed for locals by locals, we are wild about creating memorable experiences for and with you. So take a sneak peek to unravel what awaits on your next adventure!

If you don’t already know, the safety and well-being of our guests, staff and animals are our utmost priority and we have put in place the necessary Safe Management Measures, so everyone can enjoy a meaningful wildlife experience in a safe and healthy environment. More information on reopening can be found here

Wild Social Star

Meet Greta, our Asiatic Black Bear! Also known as the moon bear for the white crescent-shaped patch on its chest, the Asiatic Black Bear is known to be able to walk upright for longer distances compared to other bear species. They are also considered arboreal and can be found perched on trees while resting.

So, keep your eyes peeled the next time you board Night Safari’s iconic tram and spot Greta along the tram route!

Wild Happenings

Discover Asia’s First Brickosaurs World

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Rainforest Lumina

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