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This August, embark on a festive celebration at our wildlife parks and celebrate what makes us uniquely Singaporean. Follow the Wild About Singapore Checklist and find surprisingly similar Singaporean traits that our animals share with us. Enjoy festive animal enrichment programmes with the family, in celebration of Singapore's 57th birthday!



Wild Social Star

Meet our shy, scaly friend, the Sunda Pangolin!

These creatures are known for their thick scales of keratin — the same substance our fingernails are made of. When threatened, they curl up into a ball to protect themselves from predators. Not only can Sunda Pangolins scoot up trees with surprising speed with the help of their prehensile tail, they are also excellent swimmers!

Swing by Night Safari to visit our Sunda Pangolins and learn more about them!

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You’re Invited to Le Le’s Panda-stic Party!

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