Singapore's Own Simba

24th March 2021 (updated as of 20TH JANUARY 2022)
Our littlest lion cub was conceived through assisted reproduction with the help of the vets at the animal hospital. Braving all odds, he has survived and thrived. We share some precious moments of his journey here.

He's All Grown Up

Our wee cub is looking more and more like a teen. Simba is slightly over a year old now and male lion cubs start showing hints of mane at this age. But it seems he’s still a mummy’s boy at heart!
Birth of a king
Growing strong
Taking to the bottle...
And refusing to let go
With Mummy Dearest
Yawns are contagious
Ambush practice

Meet the family

Come visit Simba and his family at the Zoo.
Simba, Kiara and Shani
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
Timba and Kayla
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
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