Learning can be exciting and experiential at River Wonders. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, our programmes connect students with wildlife, plant life, culture, civilisation, environmental science and conservation issues.

In-Park Programmes

Virtual Programmes

School Camp

Overnight Camp @ River Wonders

Overnight Camp @ River Wonders

Please visit our camp website to find out more. 

Free & Easy

Free & Easy Visit

Free & Easy Visit

Not looking for our programmes? Visit us for a Free & Easy visit to our park as you planned your own learning journey with your students by using our resources to guide you in your planning, and register your visit with us. 



No, please look out for our email to you. If the preferred time selected is available, we will send you a booking confirmation email. If the slot is already taken up, we will email you to advise alternatives

No, programme fees do not include admission, except for the Wildlife Buddies programme. Training fee is inclusive of park admission.

  • Yes, the programme listing will indicate the minimum pax required for each programme
  • If you're keen to continue with less than the min. pax, you will still need to pay for the additional ghost pax (number needed to attain the min amount)
  • Guided tours will be held on-site at the respective exhibits
  • If your total amount exceeds the minimum required for an ITQ, then a Gebiz is needed. Please check with the school's admin manager.

  • River Wonders is 85% sheltered and as most programmes are conducted indoors, this will not be an issue.
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