These guidelines apply to partnerships (defined below) with Mandai Park Holdings Pte Ltd (“MPH”) and its affiliates (the “MPH Group”) and external parties (“Guidelines”). They provide the principles and procedures, which must be observed by all MPH staff, when seeking or developing partnerships. The overarching principles of partnership dealings within MPH are:

Good Governance

Good governance surrounding partnership dealings is of utmost priority and promoted through consistently adhering to the policies and objectives laid out in these Guidelines.

Ensuring Probity

Open and effective competition requires that partnership procedures be transparent and opportunities to sponsor assets, programmes and other components of MPH be offered to an appropriately broad field of potential Partners on an equal footing, and to avoid anti-competitive behaviour and practices. 

All partnerships must not include, or allow, directly or indirectly, the provision of benefits of any nature, to or from the Partner, any agents of the Partner or any third parties. 

Partnership and procurement activities should ideally be separate and independent of each other. Where there is no such separation, partnership solicitation should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner and the reasons for engaging the partner(s) must be clearly documented and approved by the Partnership Committee.

Achieving Efficiency And Effectiveness

All partnership proposals must demonstrate how the partnership supports and contributes to MPH’s vision, mission and values.

Ensuring Accountability

Effective management and reporting processes must be complied with to ensure accountability and that all partnerships achieve efficacy for MPH and/or its subsidiaries.

Partnership proposals must be documented in sufficient detail to enable a full analysis of risks, costs, benefits and other relevant considerations to be undertaken. This includes specifying the nature, quantity and value of benefits in kind provided or received, and identifying full costs (inclusive of GST).

Implementing Effective Risk Management

Ensure that all prospective and actual associations with Partners that may be created through partnerships appropriately safeguard the MPH’s reputation. 
To that end, partnerships will only be considered with those Partners where any potential negative reputational impact to the MPH as a whole is assessed to be low. In the event that MPH becomes aware that any partnership or association with any Partner could bring disrepute, such partnership or association shall cease.

Key Definitions

i. Partnerships are commercial, contractual and/or related arrangements entered into by any subsidiary within MPH, and other forms of partnerships involving:

a. the brand association, naming rights, reputation and/or assets (including, but not limited to, the use of content, trademarks or logos, and access to data) of aspect of the Mandai precinct, attractions and related components; or

b. any subsidiary within MPH that may be (a) linked with another party other than through the normal course of business (including, but not limited to, a normal vendor or supplier relationship) or (b) impacted by the partnership(s), 

c. where in both instances, the party entering into the partnership (“Partner”) may or may not receive benefits in return (collectively, “Partnership”). 

ii. Partnerships consist of the following:

a. Where benefits such as recognition, monies, goods and/or services are received from a Partner, such arrangement is a “Sponsorship”.

b. Where benefits such as monies or goods and/or services are not received from or expected by a Partner, other than naming among a list of donors that may be displayed in a public place (and/or on a website or digitally), if any, such arrangement is a “Donation”.

c. Accordingly, Partnerships may take the form of Sponsorships or Donations, and a Partner may be a ”Sponsor” who undertakes a Sponsorship or ”Donor” who undertakes a Donation.

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