Usher in a Hare-py Lunar New Year at Mandai Wildlife Reserve

10 Jan 2023
Hop on down to Mandai Wildlife Reserve from 21 January to 5 February 2023 and welcome the Year of the Rabbit “兔” (tù)-gether with our Mini Rex Rabbits.

Resident Mini Rex Rabbits at Singapore Zoo’s Rainforest KidzWorld (from left) Rudy, Ronnie and Rosette take centrestage this Lunar New Year and get busy munching on CNY-themed goodies!

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Watch our bunnies gather and enjoy a “lo-hay” platter prepared by their care team at Buddy Barn in Singapore Zoo’s Rainforest KidzWorld. Take the opportunity to interact with these gentle animals and their keepers in interaction sessions at Buddy Barn which go on throughout the year. Then head over to Animal Playground where you can learn more about caring for rabbits through interesting games and activities. The Animal Playground was designed as an area for the animals in Singapore Zoo where they can explore enrichment devices and new environments, and at times, interact with other species. The Animal Playground uses upcycled and sustainable materials including the very durable firefighter’s hose and wood elements.

Animal ambassadors from Singapore Zoo’s and River Wonders’ animal presentations will be part of the celebrations too. Receive prosperous greetings from our Capybara at River Wonders’ Once Upon a River, as well as our boisterous Sea Lion, Coatimundi and everyone’s favourite canines from Splash Safari, Rainforest Fights Back, and Animal Friends.

The lunar new year would not be complete without new apparel, sweet treats and the traditional lion dance. Delectable macarons are available at Singapore Zoo, while you can choose from a selection of Lunar New Year apparel at the retail stores in Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari. Ring in the new year with the lion dance performance at the Singapore Zoo entrance, get up close with the God of Fortune mascot and look up your zoo-diac sign as you explore the parks.

For more information on the Lunar New Year activities at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, visit

Meet affable Rudy and Ronnie, two of the three Mini Rex Rabbits in Rainforest KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo. Rudy can be spotted by the rings around both his eyes, while Ronnie often goes up to guests and may even climb into their laps.

 Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group  

Learn how to care for rabbits at Singapore Zoo’s Animal Playground.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group  

Animal ambassadors such as our Capybara will join in the festivities by revealing auspicious greetings at animal presentations.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group  

ACTIVITIES AT A GLANCE (21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023)

For more information on our activities, please visit:

Activities Details
Singapore Zoo

Auspicious Greetings at our Animal Presentations

Witness the talents of our Sea Lion, Coatimundi and beloved canines as they reveal festive greetings for the season!

 Limited seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Date: 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 

Venue: Splash Safari, Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre  

Time:  10.30am, 5pm 


Venue: Rainforest Fights Back, Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre  

Time: 12pm, 2.30pm


Venue: Animal Friends, Rainforest KidzWorld Amphitheatre  

Time: 1.30pm, 4pm 

Majestic Lion Dance and Meet the Mascot

With rousing drumbeats, welcome the Lunar New Year with our lion dance performance. Say hi and take photos with the God of Fortune for good luck and prosperity.

Lion Dance is weather permitting.

Venue: Singapore Zoo Entrance 

Date: 22 – 24 Jan 2023 

Time: 10am, 2pm  

“Lo-HAY” with Mini Rex Rabbits

Join our adorable rabbits in celebrating the Lunar New Year as you watch them gather to enjoy their festive treats.

Venue: Buddy Barn 

Date: 21, 22, 23, 28 & 29 Jan 2023 

Time: 2.30pm – 3pm

Zoo-diac Predictions

Learn about your zodiac predictions and get expert advice on how to make the most of this year. 

Venue: Opposite Otter Exhibit  

Date: 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 

“兔” (Tù)-gether, let’s care for rabbits!  

Hop over to Animal Playground for fun games and activities to find out how you can give rabbits the love they need. Ranger Buddies can unlock an exclusive Lunar New Year digital badge.

Venue: Animal Playground 

Date: 21*, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29 Jan, 4 & 5 Feb 2023

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm  

(*Booth will be open till 1pm on 21 Jan)

River Wonders

Auspicious Greetings at Once Upon a River

Catch our animal presentation and receive prosperous greetings from our Capybara! Our African Grey Parrot will also reveal some lucky numbers for the year.  

Limited seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Online booking is required. Animal presentation is weather permitting.

Venue: Boat Plaza 

Date: 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023  

Time: 11.30am, 2.30pm, 4.30pm 

Zoo-diac Predictions

Learn about your zodiac predictions and get expert advice on how to make the most of this year. 

Venue: Panda Courtyard  

Date: 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 

Night Safari

Zoo-diac Predictions

Learn about your zodiac predictions and get expert advice on how to make the most of this year. 

Venue: Entrance Walkway   

Date: 21 Jan – 5 Feb 2023 

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