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New Corporate Identity, New Names for Singapore's Wildlife Parks and a Renewed Commitment to Conservation and a Sustainable Future

13 OCT 2021

The Mandai Wildlife Group was officially announced today as the new corporate identity to replace ‘Wildlife Reserves Singapore’, and encompasses both the zoological park operations and the on-going rejuvenation work at the Mandai precinct which are helmed by the Group[1].


[1] The parent entity of Mandai Wildlife Group continues to be Mandai Park Holdings

River Safari has been renamed River Wonders in celebration of river life and aquatic habitats.

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group


Night Safari’s new logo retains the iconic
mysterious feline eyes.

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Singapore’s wildlife parks will be located together in the new integrated destination that is being named Mandai Wildlife Reserve. With the parks now under one brand, the Group also announced changes to the visual identities of its parks. While the ever-popular Singapore Zoo and Night Safari retain their names, River Safari is renamed River Wonders to better reflect the experience it offers of taking guests on a meandering walk through the aquatic world of freshwater habitats. Mandai Wildlife Reserve will also later welcome Singapore’s new bird park, replacing the Jurong Bird Park. The new park, to be named Bird Paradise, brings guest on a journey into the amazing world of avian wonders. Dedicated to bird conservation, it will house one of the largest numbers of threatened avian species under human care.  Rounding up the wildlife park experiences in Mandai Wildlife Reserve will be Rainforest Wild, which offers explorations within a rainforest setting where habitat, adventure and animals are weaved together into one compact experience.

A new Masterbrand Mandai that embodies the passion and commitment for a thriving, biodiverse planet was also unveiled alongside the new corporate identity. The new brand world is inspired by nature and the animals under its care, which continue to spark a sense of wonder amongst guests. Its new tagline, ‘Come to life’, serves both as an invitation - to come closer to nature and experience the wonders of wildlife at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, and a call - to take action and protect the planet by making better choices every day.

“Mandai Wildlife Group is committed to the vision of thriving wildlife and human communities living side-by-side, in well-functioning ecosystems”, said Group CEO, Mike Barclay. “In working towards this vision, our focus therefore goes beyond protecting animals and habitats, to encompassing community support, championing sustainable living and promoting nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change. Our rebranding comes at a critical time when action is urgently needed to mitigate climate change and reverse the devastating decline in the earth’s biodiversity.”

The Group will continue to support field conservation work by deploying its wildlife expertise in the areas of conservation planning, veterinary services, animal care and research. These efforts will be complemented by funding and in-kind contributions, which have amounted to more than $10 million over the last five years. This work includes protecting local wildlife through funding and participating in research programmes, as well as the treatment and rehabilitation of 1,500 rescued animals at its two animal hospitals[1] each year.

In looking to the future, Mr Barclay added that Mandai Wildlife Group will redouble its commitment to work for a more sustainable future, together with new entities - Mandai Nature and Mandai Global.

Conservation contributions will be scaled up through Mandai Nature, jointly established by Temasek and Mandai Wildlife Group. Working closely with conservation partners across the region, Mandai Nature champions the protection of threatened species and the habitats they live in, while bringing benefits to local communities. Mandai Nature will also apply nature-based climate solutions to protect the region’s green and blue ecosystems, including forests, grasslands, wetlands, mangroves, and seagrass beds.

Mandai Global will establish and operate new lines of business anchored in creating positive outcomes for nature and wildlife that span the experience economy, ecotourism, edutainment, and green technology. It is seeking partnerships with like-minded organisations committed to doing well through doing good. Examples include working with partners to curate nature-based experiences for discerning travellers and exploring new platforms to strengthen the reach to audiences beyond its parks, into living rooms and devices.

“Growing people’s love and appreciation of nature is equally important to our vision of a world where wildlife thrives”, Mr Barclay explained. “As such, all our education and engagement programmes will continue to seek to inspire a sense of care and respect for nature.”

Aside from the new developments under the new Mandai Rejuvenation Project, Mandai Wildlife Group continually re-invests in its wildlife parks.  

Amongst the enhancements in the pipeline for the existing parks include a new amphitheatre at the Night Safari and a revamped Kidzworld in Singapore Zoo.  To transcend the boundaries of its physical parks, the Group is innovatively expanding the use of digital and virtual content. In complementing the suite of virtual learning journeys and back-of-house guided experiences, parents and children can also look forward to Ranger Buddies, an expanded programme with new exciting phygital[2] activities. Through daily learning missions, every child can become an everyday hero to champion positive change for themselves, others, and the environment.  

The roll-out of the new brand identity and logos, along with additional visual assets, has commenced with a change in the Group’s corporate attire and the roll-out of new platforms such as the website, social media channels, e-tickets, and key park signages. The complete brand changeover is expected to take place by the end of 2022.

Please refer to Annex A for more information on the corporate identities and Annex B for the new logos.

[1] The two animal hospitals are the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre located within the precinct at Mandai, as well as the avian hospital at Jurong Bird Park.

[2] Phygital refers to a blend of digital and physical experiences.

Retail staff in the new attire showcasing the new corporate identity.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group


The Mandai Wildlife Group was officially announced today, with a roll out of a new brand identity and logos.

Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Artist illustration of the new Rainforest Kidzworld in the Singapore Zoo.

 Photo credit: Mandai Wildlife Group



●        Mandai Wildlife Group encompasses our wildlife park operations (replacing Wildlife Reserves Singapore) and the on-going rejuvenation work at the Mandai precinct (replacing Mandai Park Development).

●        Mandai Nature, established by Temasek and Mandai Wildlife Group, aims to advance efforts for nature conservation in Asia, with a focus on protecting threatened species from extinction, protecting and restoring ecosystems, driving nature-based solutions to help mitigate climate change, and creating benefits for local communities.

●        Mandai Global, which is part of Mandai Wildlife Group, will drive expansion into adjacent and new business areas that span the Experience Economy, Ecotourism, Edutainment and GreenTech. Grounded in the Group’s commitment towards animal conservation and protection of natural habitats, it seeks to partner likeminded organisations committed to doing well through doing good. 


·         Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a unique wildlife and nature destination in Singapore committed to conservation, sustainability, education and research. It is home to world-renown wildlife parks which connect people from all walks of life to the fascinating world of wildlife. Every interaction purposefully engages the visitor to inspire action for a healthier planet, and every visit to the wildlife parks supports wildlife conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Under an exciting rejuvenation plan at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, five wildlife parks will be integrated with distinctive nature-based experiences, green public spaces, and an eco-friendly resort.


●        Iconic wildlife park brands offered by the destination brand which include:

○        Singapore Zoo

○        Night Safari

○        River Wonders (previously “River Safari”)

○        Bird Paradise (the new bird park)

○        Rainforest Wild (a new rainforest park)

The new Masterbrand, Mandai, is expressed through a custom typeface that is designed to be warm, timeless and welcoming, like nature. Corporate identities and consumer brands will be consolidated as a family of brands by Mandai.  
As the home of Singapore’s
wildlife parks, Mandai Wildlife Reserve carries all five animal graphic
elements to represent each wildlife park in this destination logo.
A lively orangutan swings from a vine on the logo of Singapore Zoo, evoking nostalgic memories of the zoo’s most recognised species. The primate’s outstretched hand also represents the park’s connectedness to the natural world. As a nod to the rich history of Singapore Zoo, the wordmarks for all five wildlife parks have been rendered in a modern, geometric typeface that pays homage to the iconic Singapore Zoological Gardens logo of the 1990s.
Carrying on the legacy of the celebrated Night Safari logo, the new logomark evolves from the original by depicting a dramatic pair of eyes of the clouded leopard peering out from the moonlit foliage. The mysterious world of wildlife beckons under the night sky.
A serene manatee in the River Wonders logomark welcomes all to dive into the fascinating realm of freshwater life. The graceful forms of three small fish create the gentle current of the river which leads to a voyage of discovery in a wonder-filled world.

In a symphony of colours in flight, the logomark of Bird Paradise pays tribute to its heritage (Jurong Bird Park) and depicts a macaw soaring through the sky. With its wings spread, the parrot’s energetic mid-flight pose recalls the historically distinctive walk-in aviaries. The new Bird Paradise in Mandai Wildlife Reserve is also designed to offer richly immersive experiences.

*Bird Paradise will only be used for the new bird park. In the meanwhile, Jurong Bird Park remains.

The biodiversity of Mandai will be enriched by the new Rainforest Wild, where exciting experiences await at every level of the forest. The dynamism of the rainforest is captured on the park’s logomark which features a sun bear - a native of Asia’s tropical forests - playfully ascending into the treetops in search of adventure.
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