Introducing Le Le, our first giant panda cub!

It’s a momentous time for Le Le as he is ready to meet you all through the special glass of his nursery starting from 30 Dec 2021.

Catch a glimpse of his daily routines from playing with specially created enrichment toys, learning to walk more confidently to catching up on lots of snooze time (like dad Kai Kai!). 

Le Le is usually out in the nursery at 10.30am and 3.30pm daily. Each session ranges between 20 and 30 mins, and may be reviewed and adjusted depending on the comfort level of mummy Jia Jia and Le Le.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Viewing of Le Le at his nursery
  • The Giant Panda Forest is located within River Wonders.
  • Le Le is usually out in the nursery at 10:30am and 3:30pm.
  • The viewing window ranges between 20 and 30 min, and may vary depending on the comfort level of mummy Jia Jia and Le Le.
  • Admission is subject to current safe management measures.
  • To allow for more guests to catch a glimpse of Le Le, our staff will be present to guide you through your visit.
  • All guests are invited to join the queue to the Giant Panda Forest.
  • Please approach our staff if you require assistance.
  • The wellbeing of our pandas, mummy Jia Jia and Le Le under our care remains the top priority, and the panda care team observes them closely to ensure that they do not display any stressful behaviours.
  • As they become more comfortable, Le Le will spend more time out in the viewing area.
  • Close encounters with the pandas are currently not available as Jia Jia and her cub get used to spending more time away from each other.
  • Please visit our website for updates.
  • We will be streaming live video footage of Le Le outside Giant Panda Forest when he  is in the nursery.
  • Stay tuned on Facebook to learn more about our pandas.

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