Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most important and biodiverse regions, with high levels of endemism. However, the biodiversity in the region is also under serious threats and these include deforestation and poaching, resulting in the highest concentration of species on the edge of extinction compared to any region in the world.

Recognising the urgent need for sustainable conservation initiatives, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has supported a multitude of projects across the region. This was achieved through funding support, capacity building as well as conservation planning workshops that bring together global experts engaged in tackling biodiversity loss.

Grant application

Objectives for WRS conservation and research efforts:

  • To contribute to the protection of threatened species in their native habitats by funding local and regional conservation and research projects
  • To collaborate with like-minded organisations such as other zoos, NGOs, government agencies, academic institutions and nature interest groups to ensure the best possible conservation outcomes for the species or environment of concern
  • To help building local and regional conservation capacity through professional training courses, workshops and consultancy services
  • To encourage and foster sustainable and ethical behaviours towards animals and nature through engaging and innovative conservation outreach programmes
  • To conduct research that can help develop better tools and strategies for the management of captive wild animal populations and that will benefit conservation strategy planning for species in their native habitats


Submission Instructions:

  • The WRS applicant should fill out the application form
  • The application should be typewritten in English and in 12pt Courier or Times Roman font
  • Please strictly follow instructions on the maximum word count and/or maximum number of pages allowed

Submit your hard copy proposal to:

Dr Sonja Luz
Conservation Research and Veterinary Services
Wildlife Reserves Singapore
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

Alternatively, you may send an electronic copy of your proposal to [email protected]

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