What better way to enjoy a night out in the wild than to embark on a Safari Adventure Tour?

You and your companions can go on a cosy buggy-and-walking adventure in the company of an expert guide. Hear insider stories about our animals or ask burning questions you might have on our wildlife.

Private Tours

Price ($)
Weekdays S$ 560
Fridays & Saturdays / Public Holidays S$ 700
WildPass members
Weekdays S$ 504*
Weekdays S$ 448*
Fridays & Saturdays / Public Holidays S$ 560*

*Price after discount

  1. Tours sold are strictly non-refundable.
  2. Tour price excludes park admission tickets, which must be purchased separately prior to the tour.
  3. Tours may be altered or cancelled due to weather conditions, animal health and/or safety concerns.
  4. Tour can accommodate maximum of 7 person, including adult, child and infant for passenger safety. Storage space on the buggy for foldable wheelchair and/or stroller is not available.
  5. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the tour.
  6. Participants are to arrive at least 5 minutes before tour start time at Night Safari Visitor Services. Late arrivals may miss certain tour components.
  7. Photo opportunities are allowed only at authorized photography areas.
  8. Participants to comply with Parks Admission Terms & Conditions for their own safety and quiet enjoyment and that of others.

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