Adopt an Animal School Edition

The first step towards inspiring children to do their part for wildlife conservation is to connect them to the natural world. Adopt-An-Animal School Edition is designed to empower children to be wildlife champions as well as to encourage collaborative team efforts and creative thinking.

Adopt-An-Animal School Edition also makes available resources and experiences relating to conservation and sustainability to support teachers in facilitating extended learning opportunities.

Choose from our featured animals to start adopting:



Bornean Orangutan

Don't be fooled by her small size — Khansa is known by keepers for her passion for food. A full tummy gives her lots of energy to play with her friends. You will often see her swinging from tree to tree or cuddling up with her mother Chomel in the hammocks.



California Sea Lion

The star performer in our Splash Safari presentation, Pedro is highly intelligent. He has been conditioned to hold still for routine X-rays, on condition that he is rewarded with his favourite food of ice and fishes, afterwards.

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