Mark Rusli, Animal Care

Life Sciences

"We bring life to the wild"

We provide excellent care for 21,000 animals from about 1,000 species, many of which are threatened.

Animal Behaviour & Programmes

With our animals as stars, we set the stage to inspire a sense of wonder in our guests.

Veterinary Healthcare

We bring the best medical care to our animals and strive to sustain the region’s biodiversity.


Through classes, workshops and camps, we inspire the next generation on the wonders of wildlife and conservation efforts.

Exhibit Design

We shape conducive living spaces for our animals.

Animal Care

We provide the best quality of life for the animals in our care.

Emmey Nenpari, Park Operations


“Experience the wild side with us”

We create delightful adventures for our guests.

Food and Beverages

We tantalise your tastebuds with a wide offering of dining concepts.

Park Operations

We are the friendly faces that transform our guests’ visit into a journey.


From a library of souvenirs, we help guests bring back a piece of memory from our parks.

Visvalingam, Technical Services

Park Maintenance and Landscaping

"We turn the wild into wow”

We keep our park amenities and green spaces in tip-top shape.

Facilities Management and Technical Services

We ensure the smooth running of our park rides and facilities.


With green fingers, we shape spaces into beautiful landscapes.

Priscilla Lee, CEO’s Office


“Care for people and the wild”

Working hand in hand with the wild side, we spearhead organisation-wide initiatives.

Brand and Communications

We let the world know what’s happening in our parks.

Transformation & Growth

We strategise and nurture the growth of the organisation in a sustainable direction.

Guest Experience

We inspire a guest-centric culture across all functions.

Human Resources

We build a strong people-centric culture and passionate workforce.

Information Technology

We provide information technology (IT) infrastructure and enhance our guests’ experience through interactive technology and digital touchpoints.

Procurement, Finance, and Internal Audit

We are the backbone of the organisation, supporting through financial governance and fair practices.

Sales, Marketing and Events

We constantly enhance the park experience through the latest events and promotions.


We safeguard Mandai’s interests through sound and robust legal solutions.

Mandai Park Development

We envision an integrated nature and wildlife destination at Mandai from 2020, where Singaporeans and visitors can immerse in nature and wildlife experiences.
Getting around in the Zoo
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