Get up-close with our birds during their feeding sessions! All proceeds will help to fund our wildlife conservation efforts in the region.

The token feeding sessions are subject to availability, based on a first-come-first-served basis. We seek your understanding that once full, we will be unable to accept more guests. Please book the feeding session online and arrive 15 minutes before the feeding time.


Starlings Feeding

Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa
9:30am & 2:00pm

Get up close and hand-feed our large collections of starlings and weavers with mealworms, and offer some fruits to our colourful turacos!


Shorebird Feeding

Kuok Group Wings of Asia
10:00am & 4:30pm

Admire the view from the pavilion over looking the paddy field as you feed the pelicans, storks and many others, with their favourite fishes.


Lories and Lorikeets Feeding

Lory Loft
11:00am & 3:30pm

It's time for a sweet treat! Be amazed by our large collection of lories as they flock towards you and your cup of home-made nectar.


Cassowary Feeding

Mysterious Papua

Don’t miss out on this rare close encounter with these flightless birds! Hand-feed our cassowaries and learn more about them from our keepers.

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