Conserving at-risk species through an integrated approach

The loss of biodiversity is driven by both bottom-up and top-down forces. Planet Indonesia is an award-winning conservation organisation that integrates both these approaches to conserve ecosystems, improve human well-being and protect priority species in West Kalimantan.

Breaking the wild bird supply chain

Working with the Indonesian government and relevant authorities, FLIGHT is putting brakes on the main driver of decline in bird species in Southeast Asia. They assist with patrolling a key port and intercepting illegally trapped wild birds that are being smuggled from Sumatra to Java.

Using evidence to quell an emerging trend in songbird trade

Increase in market demands can decrease a songbird’s wild population numbers quickly. With our support, Monitor is making an evidence-based case to restore the sunbird family’s protected status in Indonesia. This project hopes to spur similar research in other species, ultimately helping all Indonesian birds that will benefit from legal protection.

Securing the last of the Siamese Crocodiles

Wildlife Conservation Society is fighting to save the last population of wild Siamese crocodiles in Indonesia – there are less than 1000 left in the world! Every species recovery battle is uphill and long but encouragingly, there is now international, national, and local action to establish a protected wetland habitat for these usually overlooked species.

The Star of Bali

With its striking good looks, the Bali Starling is highly coveted in the illegal songbird trade. Exacerbated by habitat loss, it is now at the brink of extinction. Begawan Foundation is trying to avert this by engaging the local community and cultivating a culture that protects its native bird.

Komodo Dragon Conservation on Flores Island

On Flores Island, the wild cousins of our Komodo dragons in our living collection are in jeopardy, largely due to shrinking habitats and prey competition. The Komodo Survival Programme has extensive efforts for population surveys, habitat patrolling, and community engagement, gradually reducing the threats to the dragons.

Tarsier Conservation in Tanjung Puting National Park

The cute looks of tarsiers are unfortunately resulting in them being poached to be sold as pets. The Orangutan Foundation is studying the Bornean tarsier population in Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan to find out how we can help these pint-sized primates.

Shelter for Simeulue’s Endemic Birds

WRS is contributing to the long-term conservation of the barusan shama and Simeulue hill myna by helping Ecosystems Impact Foundation with the development of a breeding programme on Simeulue island. Due to devastating habitat loss and widespread illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade, these birds are on the brink of extinction.

Parrot Guardians of Maluku

Wildlife rehabilitation centres play a crucial role in ensuring a safe home for animals seized from the illegal wildlife trade as the animals are often severely stressed and require care. As many as 10,000 parrots are estimated to be poached yearly from the Maluku Islands. Perkumpulan Konservasi Kakatua Indonesia manages not only one of the few parrot-specfic rescue and rehabilitation centres in Indonesia but also the only one dedicated to birds in Southern Maluku.