Private Tours

Price ($)
S$ 350
WildPass members
S$ 315
S$ 280
  1. Tours sold are strictly non-refundable.
  2. Tour price excludes park admission tickets, which must be purchased separately prior to the tour.
  3. Tours may be altered or cancelled due to weather conditions, animal health and/or safety concerns.
  4. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the tour.
  5. Participants are to arrive at least 5 minutes before tour start time at the River Wonders Entrance. Late arrivals may miss certain tour components.
  6. Photo opportunities are allowed only at authorized photography areas.
  7. Participants to comply with Parks Admission terms & conditions for their own safety and quiet enjoyment and that of others.

Backstage Pass

Price ($)
S$ 118 /Adult
S$ 72 /Child
WildPass members
S$ 106.20 /Adult
S$ 64.80 /Child
S$ 94.40 /Adult
S$ 57.60 /Child
  1. Animal interaction time: 20mins.
  2. Tour price excludes Park admission, which must be purchased separately prior to the tour.
  3. Participant must be at least 1.2m in height to participate in the Manatee Mania tour.
  4.  Expectant mothers will not be able to join the tour due to safety reasons.
  5. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, during the tour.
  6. For safety reasons, wheelchairs and strollers/other mobility devices are not allowed within back of house areas.
  7. Slippers and comfortable attire recommended. Swimsuit not necessary.
  8. Participants are to meet at the River Wonders Visitor Services Counter at least 5 mins before tour start time.
  9. Late arrivals may miss certain tour components.
  10. Photo opportunities are allowed only at authorised photography areas.
  11. Tours are non-exclusive. You may be sharing the same tour with other guests.
  12. Tour operates daily. Bookings are compulsory for Manatee Mania tour, no walk-ins allowed.
  13. Participants to comply with Parks Admission terms & conditions for their own safety and quiet enjoyment and that of others.

What Others Are Saying

Guides were really fun, knowledgeable and caring! Dani and Munirah shared with us so much about River Wonders and the animals. We’re truly grateful that they made our time here so special. Nadia and her colleague were really loving and sweet to their animals. We can see how much passion and love they have for them, I didn’t manage to catch the other aquarist’s name but she’s amazing!

As reviewed in 28 December 2022

Zahariah was very friendly and informative. My 5 year old was extremely curious and interested in everything she had to say. She introduced us to many exciting facts about the fish & animals at River Wonders that we never knew about. Very patient, nice guide. Highly recommended! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. 

As reviewed in 18 December 2022

My fiance signed me up for the Manatee Mania tour as my birthday present and it was AMAZING. Our guide was Neetha, who was punctual and led us on our private tour. She gave a very good explanation on the Amazon Flooded Forest and you can see that she really knows her stuff as she could answer most of our questions. She was also frank when she was unsure of a couple of specific questions e.g. how old is the youngest baby manatee and directed us to the aquarists in charge of the aquarium.

We were then brought in behind the scenes to get a quick briefing by the aquarists on the dos and don'ts when in the aquarium. They help up get suited in the wet suit and it was so adorable when we saw the manatees lined up waiting for us! Each of us had a basket of vegetables and their favorite pellets to feed the manatees. The aquarists were very helpful and answered all our questions. You can also touch them and we were shown how to get them to flip over and open their nostrils. We were about knee/waist deep in the water by the side but be careful of splashes as the mischievous manatees may sometimes splash you to get your attention for food or when they are eager to get food for you.

Neetha proceeded to help us take many many beautiful pictures and gave us a small unique manatee badge as a memento at the end of the tour.

It was overall a fantastic once in a lifetime experience that I recommend all manatee lovers!! Thank you!!

As reviewed in 21 June 2021

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