Wings of Change – Saving the Philippine Eagle

The Philippine eagle, as its name suggests, is only found in the Philippines where it is a top forest predator. Life has been tough for the past few generations of this magnificent raptor largely due to human activity and its population has dwindled rapidly. Fortunately, efforts by the Philippine Eagle Foundation are in place to help them.

Giving the Philippine Cockatoo a Chance

In 1998 the largest group of Philippine cockatoos found was a meager 25 individuals, imagine that! Katala Foundation Incorporated’s Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme is giving these birds a lifeline by cultivating the local community’s support for the species.

The West Visayan Big 5ive

With so many species facing similar threats and finite resources, it makes sense to integrate and unify conservation efforts. Talarak Foundation Inc. is doing just that for five key endemic species of the Visayas islands of the Philippines.

Sniffing out the Palawan Pangolin

The latest detective in the case of the disappearing Palawan pangolins is a tad unconventional. Kalata Foundation Incorporated is taking a novel approach in their search for these elusive threatened mammals by enlisting our four-legged best friends—dogs! With their superior sense of smell, local dogs will undergo special training to sniff out pangolins.

The ONE Plan for the Tamaraw

The tamaraw is not just endemic to the Philippines but is exclusive to Mindoro, Philippines’ seventh largest island. Unfortunately, the population today is a small fraction of what it was a few generations ago. D’Aboville Foundation has adopted a holistic landscape approach in the conservation of the tamaraw, integrating the cultural and development needs of the local community with the recovery of the species.

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