17 Hectares


3,500 Birds & 400 Species


24 Threatened Animal Species

Located within Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Bird Paradise spans 17 hectares and is home to 3,500 birds from 400 species, of which 24 per cent of the species are threatened. Designed to encourage discovery at every turn, Bird Paradise welcomes guests into immersive and naturalistic mixed-species habitats in eight large walk-through aviaries that reflect different biomes of the world, from dense African rainforests, South American wetlands, Southeast Asian forests to Australian dry eucalypt landscape, and more. Other unique experiences include Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, a state-of-the-art penguin habitat, and animal presentations at the 2,000-seater Sky Amphitheatre.

Avian care, research and conservation are integral to the park. Winged Sanctuary shines a spotlight on rare and threatened species including Asian songbirds and over 20 hornbill species, making Bird Paradise the world’s largest genetic reserve of hornbills in human care. The park participates in over 75 globally managed breeding programmes to help sustain the population of threatened species in human care, with several species directly linked to regional field conservation projects.

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