Showcasing the fierce and the formidable, the Predators on Wings presentation stars birds of prey — majestic creatures at the top of their food chain.

Witness the presence of magnificent predators such as the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Turkey Vultures and the Harris's Hawk. Also, discover how the Malay fish Owl catch prey with its strong, steady talons.

Look out for the scavenging vultures too. Brace yourself as these ravenous birds circle the grounds. And keep your eagle eyes focused on the sky as the Brahminy Kite flies in for a visit.

If you’re feeling gutsy at any point during the presentation, do volunteer to try your hand at falconry. Let’s see if your bravery can reach new heights!

Presentation Time
Sky Amphitheatre
Weekends & Public Holidays
Presentation Time
Sky Amphitheatre

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