Step into River Safari  - Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park, housing one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals.

Enjoy unlimited annual access* and exclusive members benefits as a Friend of River Safari, starting from only $45!

*Terms & conditions apply


Members Benefits

Get unlimited admission to River Safari for one year, except on these 3 blackout dates: second day of Chinese New Year, Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa.

Take advantage of complimentary parking throughout your membership validity for a small one-time fee of $20, instead of paying $10 per day. Read the full Member's Parking Pass terms & conditions

Enjoy 20% off regular-priced products at selected retail outlets across all our parks. 


With every Family membership purchased, you’ll be entitled to a Caretaker Discount Voucher to purchase ONE Individual Friends of River Safari membership at a concessionary rate of $35.

Enjoy 20% discount when you dine at selected F&B outlets across all our parks.

Enjoy a 20% discount off the Amazon River Quest boat ride and rental items such as strollers and electric scooters. Conditions apply. Read the full details here.

Enjoy 20% off when you book Wildlife Tours at all our parks! See the full list of tours at River Safari. 
Note: admission fee applies for tours at Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari or Singapore Zoo.

Have a snooze at the Amazon Flooded Forest and Sleep with the Manatees! Enjoy 5% off when you book here.

Current Promotions

  1. Promotion is valid from 17 November 2018 to 31 December 2018.
  2. Promotion is valid online via or on-site at the Singapore Zoo Membership Services Centre, Night Safari Membership Counter or Jurong Bird Park Membership Services Centre.
  3. The 10% discount is only valid for new Individual and Family Friends of Wildlife membership sign-ups. The 10% discount is not valid for any concessionary Caretaker, Child and Senior memberships sign-ups, and all membership renewals.
  4. The 10% discount is not valid or cannot be combined with any other discounts, including the membership renewal discount.
  5. Each purchase of an Individual or Family Friends of Wildlife membership will qualify for the redemption of the exclusive FOW x Dragons & Beasts  collectible pin, while stocks last.
  6. FOW x Dragons & Beasts collectible pin is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable for credit, cash, goods or services.
  7. All Friends of Wildlife memberships purchased under this promotion will be subjected to the full Friends of Wildlife membership terms and conditions that can be found at conditions.html
  8. Wildlife Reserves Singapore reserves the right at any time to vary, modify, amend, add or delete the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice.
  1. Promotion is valid for New Signups/Renewals of Friends of Bird Park, Friends of Night Safari, Friends of River Safari, Friends of Singapore Zoo, Friends of Wildlife membership.
  2. Promotion is NOT valid for upgrade of membership.
  3. New/Renewal members must sign up between 1 November 2018 to 31 January 2019 to enjoy this promotion.
  4. Promotion is only valid for 2 months from the date of signup/renew.
    Example 1:
    Member Signup Date: 10 November 2018
    Promotion Validity Period: 10 November 2018 to 9 January 2019
    Example 2:
    Member Signup Date: 14 January 2019
    Promotion Validity Period: 14 January 2019 to 13 March 2019
  5. Member can enjoy unlimited redemption of the promotion within the 2 months validity period. Strictly no extension of validity of the promotion.
  6. Members must present their physical/electronic membership card to enjoy the promotion.
  7. Promotion is only applicable to all the Retail outlets within the park (Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, Singapore Zoo), except for kiosk and Changi Airport Terminal 2.
  8. Promotion is only applicable to regular-priced products and not valid in conjunction with other promotions and discounts.
  9. Wildlife Reserves Singapore reserves the right to vary or cancel this promotion and amend its terms and conditions without prior notice.

Our prices

Membership type
Annual fee
S$ 45


(3 - 12 years old)


(60 years old and above with a valid NRIC or FIN)


(only applicable for purchase with a caretaker discount voucher)


 Only available onsite as  verification is required  

S$ 35
Family package - 2 Adults + 1 Child
S$ 115
Family package - 2 Adults + 2 Children
S$ 125
Family package - 2 Adults + 3 Children
S$ 135
Family package - 2 Adults + 4 Children
S$ 145
Family package - 2 Adults + 5 Children
S$ 155
Sign up for our Friends of River Safari membership at these prices.

Membership terms & conditions

  1. Membership applied online/on-site is valid for one (1) year from the date of application. Admission blackout dates will apply on the second day of Chinese New Year, Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa
  2. Membership fees shall be paid in advance and there shall be no pro-rata or refund of membership fees
  3. The membership card is personal to the registered member(s) and is not transferable. Only the named person(s) reflected on the membership card may enjoy the membership benefits
  4. Family membership is limited to a maximum of 2 adults and 5 children. Addition or change of registered members are not allowed throughout a membership’s validity. Child’s age is defined as 3 to 12 years old
  5. Caretaker discount voucher must be presented to purchase an individual Friends of River Safari Caretaker membership. Only one Caretaker membership may be tagged to each Family membership  
  6. Application for Concessionary memberships (Senior, Child and Caretaker) can only be processed directly at our parks as proof of identification will be required at the point of purchase

Read full terms & conditions

Top questions

You will be pleased to know that besides our single park memberships, we do offer the Friends of Wildlife memberships. As a Friends of Wildlife member, you will enjoy unlimited admission to all four parks and get to see more than 15,000 animals!

There are three blackout dates for all membership types: the second day of Chinese New Year, Labour Day and Hari Raya Puasa. Members who wish to enter the parks on the blackout dates will have to purchase standard admission tickets. These blackout dates may vary from year to year.

The blackout dates are days that our parks are expected to receive an exceptionally high volume of visitors. To ensure a comfortable experience for our members, the membership blackout dates have been set to encourage you to visit our parks on other days.

Members can purchase a Member’s Parking Pass (MPP) for one vehicle per membership at a nominal fee of $20. Please note that an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) number must be submitted to purchase the MPP. Read the full MPP terms and conditions here.

We do offer concessionary membership for Seniors. To be eligible for a Senior membership, you would have to be 60 years old and above, with a Singapore NRIC or FIN card. Please note that the NRIC or FIN card is required for the application of a concessionary Senior membership and may only be done onsite at our parks. You may find the prices for the respective concessionary Senior memberships under each membership category.

While we do not offer a concessionary membership for students, we do offer concessionary memberships for children who are 3 to 12 years old. You may find the prices for the respective child memberships under each membership category.

As our memberships are non-transferable, only the registered members whose faces are reflected in the membership photo can enjoy the membership’s benefits and privileges. Therefore, if you are absent, a friend, family member or caretaker cannot substitute you.

If you are part of a Family membership, you are entitled to nominate an individual for a concessionary Caretaker membership. Please note that each Family membership is only entitled to one nomination. See the full terms and conditions for the use of the caretaker discount voucher here.

As long as your children are registered members, they may use the membership card even when you or your spouse are not present. However, please note that the membership card with a photo that reflects the faces of your children will have to be presented for your children to enjoy the membership’s benefits and privileges, and a person of reasonable age should accompany your children.

As your child is below 3 years, he/she is not chargeable. Therefore, your spouse and you may sign up for individual memberships. However, an admission ticket or a Child membership would be required for your child once he/she turns 3. Alternatively, you may choose to sign up for a Family membership and register your child so that he/she can continue to enjoy the membership’s benefit and privileges throughout the validity of the membership.

You will still be able to enjoy all the benefits of your membership, including admission into the park(s) using your electronic card (e-Card) via your smartphone. To access your e-Card, log into the Membership portal at Should you wish to replace your physical card, please note that there will be a replacement fee of $10.70. However, if your membership card was stolen, you may lodge a police report and present a copy of the police report to have the membership card replacement fee waived off.

You may convert your admission tickets under the following conditions:

  • Physical copy of online/onsite admission tickets have to be presented.
  • Conversion has to be processed on the same day of admission into the respective parks.
  • All Park-Hopper / Multi-Park tickets can only be converted to a Friends of Widlife membership.
  • Admission tickets converted must correspond to the membership type and category purchased.
  • Travel agent tickets, complimentary tickets and all promotional tickets are not eligible for conversion to membership.
  • Conversion of admission tickets to memberships will not involve any form of refund as tickets sold are non-refundable.
  • Chargeable conversion fee is determined by the difference in the value of the membership applied for and the value of the admission tickets used for the conversion.
  • Rides and rental tickets sold are not eligible for conversion to a membership.

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