From Siti Nurbayya
Year 2013
Park Singapore Zoo
It was 2013 and my 4 year-old son's first ever visit to the Singapore Zoo. Chose that age range just so that he'll be able to remember his #MyMandai moment forever. This was the 2nd ever elephant ride in my whole life. The first time was when I was his age and accompanied by my own mum. Now I'm creating a memory cycle with him. Contrary to what is seen; there's actually 5 of us on that elephant, aside from the mahout. I was then pregnant with my little girl and I got on the elephant to accompany my boy. Behind me are my cousins, a great company. It was really memorable! Now 3 years later, my son has been to the Singapore Zoo another 3 more times just because he love the elephants so much!
Tags #singaporezoo #2010s #family