From @vaaalaaarieee
Posing with polarbears
Year 2015
Park Singapore Zoo
Polar Bears are one of my favourite animals but Inuka is clearly unamused with me dressed in my favourite Panda-print tank top... 😨🐼❗️ And I'm so upset because he refuses to smile in any photos taken 😫💔 / On a serious note, the field trip to the zoo was enriching as I've picked up many unknown facts on rainforests' animals as well as insects (eg. the Madagascar COCKROACH), from our tour guide Kim! 😱 It was worth waking up early today to travel to the zoo 😚🐒🐗🐛🐌🕷🐢 #MyMandai • 📷 Photo Cr.: @jayceuhhuh
Tags #cute #singaporezoo #2010s