Planting trees for a greener future

Lions, giraffes and orang utans may be among the most popular animals at the Singapore Zoo, but nestled amid the wildlife attraction’s lush greenery are a vast variety of native wildlife that have made the zoo their home.

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From waste oil to green fuel

Every day, some 53kg of cooking oil – about the average weight of an adult chimpanzee – is collected from the kitchens of Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) parks, where over 2500 meals are cooked, and taken for recycling. Per year, close to 20,000 kg of used oil is collected.

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Material comforts for Singapore’s koala guests

When important guests visit, they deserve the best. For four cuddly VIPs that arrived in Singapore from Australia in April 2015, this meant five-star digs custom-built to fit their unique requirements.

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Every drop counts

Before the River Safari officially opened in 2014, the task facing its designers seemed like an impossible oxymoron: to create one of the world’s biggest freshwater animal habitats, but make it run on as little water as possible.

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